Reviews: Our Favourite TV Shows

As avid watchers of many TV shows and often embarking on series marathon's, Josh and I thought we would share with you our favourite TV shows.

Breaking Bad
Science teacher Walter White is diagnosed with lung cancer and in a bid to make enough money so that his family won't have to struggle after his death he becomes a meth cook.

L: It took me quite a few episodes to get into Breaking Bad as I just wasn't feeling it at first. However I quickly got hooked and we raced through to the mid season break of season 5 and had to wait for the second half to begin which was very distressing! We've just rewatched the whole series and it's just as good the second time around. It's a little far fetched but it's full of action and suspense and even the odd bit of humour which makes it a winner all round. There's some amazing characters in the show and some catchy tunes as well.

J: My brother recommended the series to me and from the first episode I was pretty hooked. I mean, Hal from Malcom in the Middle zooming around the desert in a gas mask and tighty-whiteys is bound to draw you in! It's a show about transformation, Walt turns from a mild mannered under the thumb kind of guy into Scarface, and it's great from start to finish...probably one of the most consistently good TV series I've ever seen. And there's some pretty badass characters in there too: Gus, Mike, Hector...*ding ding*!

Game of Thrones
Based on George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novel series, Game of Thrones delves into a fantasy world where the noble families of the realm are battling for control of the Iron Throne.

Again another series that took me a few episodes to get into before I was hooked and racing home from uni each day to watch more! There's just so much going on in every episode which is great but it also means you have to pay serious attention at all times, this isn't a series to pop on in the background. I really like that the stories of several different characters/houses are all entwined to create an action packed fantasy series full of suspense. Oh and girls, Jon Snow is pretty easy on the eye too!

J:  Definitely one you've got to be dedicated to and pay attention to. The thick and rich plot is crammed with twists and turns and details and nuances and intricacies that it sometimes makes it a little hard to follow while at the same time making this unbelievable world somehow credible and believable. And there are some awesome characters! Tyrion Lannister is a witty 'imp' you always end up rooting for, Joffery Barathion you just love to hate, and Daenerys Targaryen...well, she can be the queen to my throne any day.

Will Graham has the unique ability to visualise himself commiting the murders he investigates whilst this is a useful tool for the FBI it takes it's toll on Will who forms a relationship with psychiatrist Dr Hannibal Lecter, a cannabilist serial killer.

L: I started watching this by myself when we moved back home from uni, it wasn't something Josh had ever expressed an interest in but I thought it was worth a shot. The first episode was a little slow going but I could see some potential so I stuck with it. By the third episode I was on the phone to Josh exclaiming how could it was and that he really should give it a go. After the first couple of episodes he told me not to watch anymore without him so I obviously did a good job of winning him over. Hannibal is deliciously dark and gory and although the viewer is ahead of Will Graham in working things out it still manages to create suspense and keep you hooked. There's also something about Hannibal in his sharp suits that is rather attractive...

 J: I started watching this because Lauren kept banging on about it. I wasn't hooked by the first episode as I am with several other shows, but it's a slow burner and eventually had me hooked and looking forwards to the next offering. Apart from Will and of course Hannibal there isn't much fleshing out (excuse the pun) of any other characters. Still, Hannibal has some pretty cool suits, and he finds some morbidly fascinating ways to kill people so it's all good. Not the best telly show ever but certainly not the worst.

Band of Brothers
Based of the true history of Easy Company during WWII, Band of Brothers follows the unit right from the airborne landing in Normandy to the war's end. 

L: Oh Band of Brothers I do love you! Josh told me many times how good this series was and I refused to listen and I don't know why because I love history stuff. At first I found it difficult to watch Captain Sobel without shouting 'It's Ross from Friends!' (actually I still do that!) but I have to say Band of Brothers is a pretty amazing show. It puts you right in there with Easy Company and doesn't skirt around the historical truth of things (no matter how good or bad). There is one episode that just has my in floods of tears but despite being a pretty emotional person it is testament to how brilliant the show is. My only complaint is the serious variations in volume, you'll need your remote in your hand throughout, one minute there's whispering that you can't hear a word of and next there's explosions all over!

J: Being a bit of a history nerd I love stuff to do with World War 2. Band of Brothers paints a brilliant picture of the war from the point of view of Easy Company, taking you from their deployment to the end of the war. It shows that it wasn't as clearly defined as you may believe. There was right and wrong on both sides. You find yourself completely absorbed in the program and it tugs at the heart strings. The liberation of the concentration camp always gets Lauren weeping. Always! The only fault with the prepared to be riding the volume buttons...there's lots of whispering...then lots of banging and shooting and shouting...then lots of whispering...then lots of banging and shooting and shouting. Still awesome though!

 When unusual medical cases can't be solved they're handed over to the unsociable yet brilliant head of the diagnostic department, Dr Gregory House. 
L: House was the first TV series I got into, I probably started watching at around the end of season 4 (there are 8 seasons in total) after protesting for quite some time that I wouldn't like it. After that I was hooked I watched all the episodes from the beginning then each time a new season came out on DVD Josh and I would rush out to get it. It's a series that Josh and I return to time after time for easy viewing. If you've never seen House I strongly recommend giving it a go. A lot of the episodes do follow the same pattern but it's never boring thanks to the cast and House's interesting ways. The season finale's are always pretty good too, my favourite's have to be the end of season 4, the end of season 5, the end of season 7 and pretty much the whole season 8!
J: The first big American TV series I watched, House has always been great TV. A lot of the episodes are quite formulaic: patient comes in, House and the team discuss it, House says its one thing, patient gets worse, House does some thinking and cane twirling and eventually has his eureka moment and solves the case just in time. But it's not the patient of the week that makes the show interesting, its the overall story-arc of House and his misanthropic relationships with people that make the show compelling viewing. Plus House is kind of a role model...he's happy alone, he does what he wants, when he wants without thinking of the consequences or worrying much about anything at all ever. I wanna be more like that!

 When prisoner of war Nicholas Brody is rescued from Iraq, CIA agent Carrie Mathison is the only one that believes he has been 'turned' by the enemy and is now a threat to American homeland security. 
L: When I saw adverts for Homeland I thought it looked pretty good however Josh was reluctant to watch it with knowing how long TV series can drag out for. Anyway we gave it a go and were hooked from episode one! Now though I'm finding it hard to give you my opinion on Homeland. I loved season one and season two then season 3 started pretty slow and stayed that way for the most part, however I loved the ending and that, for me is where it should have ended altogether. Homeland would have been perfect had it been left at that but there is going to be a fourth season this year and I don't know how I feel about that, for one (without giving anything away for those of you who haven't seen it) I don't see where it can go now. Homeland as it is now is a great show, Homeland with more seasons may not be. 
J: I saw adverts for this when it was airing on Channel 4 and I didn't think it looked too interesting. Lauren seemed to really like the look of the advert and convinced me to watch it. So we sat down and watched the first episode and within about two days we had finished the entire first series. It's addictive viewing and always leaves you on a massive cliff-hanger. And the added unknown factor of Brody's allegiance to either the US or Al-Qaida is an added spice. Season two and three slow things down a bit but it's still great. But the true hero of the show is Saul. He is wise and cool and understanding and...he's like the Jewish father I never had. Plus his mighty beard is the thing of legends. Men have gone off to war to fight for lesser things than Saul's beard. So yeah, a pretty compelling reason to love Homeland! 
If we could only pick one series you should definitely watch it would be...
 Josh: Breaking Bad
Lauren: Band on Brothers


  1. It took me a while to get into breaking bad as well , but Lee loved it from the start!

    I've watched almost all the series of House but I found the format of the show a bit repetitive with his epiphanies all the time (I do feel bad saying that as it is a great show) x

  2. Hey, I love your blog (snd lots of the same TV shows too it seems :) ) and wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster award. Check out my page to find more out about it. Nicki x


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