Bank Holiday Snaps

 Yesterday Josh and I spent the day together at Newmillerdam, a country park not too far away from us. It's really lovely to walk around and there's always plenty of ducks to feed. However whilst there we saw a very unusual thing...
...That's right it's a man walking a meerkat! We couldn't believe it. Lots of people were stopping to look at it and it really seemed to love people giving it belly tickles. I don't think I'm quite over the fact I saw a meerkat walking around! 

 After our walk we indulged in a huge carvery, which I have to say was some of the best food I've tasted in a while then we relaxed with some drinks (in my case two of the cocktails on the left and one of the one on the right!) and chat. It was a really enjoyable bank holiday, I wish every Monday could be spent this way.


  1. Sounds like the perfect bank holiday monday and what is better than seeing a man waling a meercat?! x

  2. That meerkat... I wish I had a meerkat on a leash lol glad you enjoyed yourself! x


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