Happy List #101 The March 2014 Edition

March was actually a pretty good month for me. Work wise I moved into a new class and have already had the opportunity to learn tonnes of new stuff, I've attended a fair few courses/training opportunities all of which have been very useful and interesting. Life outside of work has also been pretty good to me, Josh and I got to spend a solid couple of weeks together whilst both of our parents were away, we've celebrated Josh's 25th birthday, gone on some nice walks, I got an unexpected day off work, bought far too many pastel jumpers from New Look and have just begun a new adventure which will hopefully serve me well for my career in the future. 

The biggest shock of all is that I actually have lots of photo's for this happy list, having Josh around more meant having my photographer back for all photo opportunities!

April looks as though be a good month too in that I have a two week school holiday coming up soon and Josh and I will be going away for a break in York. I cannot wait!

A late afternoon walk / Little Lexi / Midori Melon - a birthday gift to Josh which reminds me of holidays we had together (which seem so long ago now) / Feeding the ducks
Pretty sky / Ziggy sat in the paper recycling back / Not a pretty sight at the window (alien cat!) / Another nice walk

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  1. Looks like March was a great month for you. It's always nice to get quality time with your boy as sometimes life gets in the way. Your cats are so cute too! Lianne x


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