A Trip to York 2104 #1

 On Monday to Wednesday Josh and I took a break away in York. The break was a present from me to Josh for his birthday last month and it's something we've been counting down the days for!
York was the first place Josh and I ever went away to so it's got a special place in our hearts. Even though we've been for days out in York we've not actually stayed there for a good few years now and it's such a beautiful place it's hard not to love being there. Of course the amazing weather helped us to enjoy it that little bit more and we spent our days wandering around the city, enjoying the sunshine and enjoying relaxing and spending time with each other.
 On our first afternoon there we came across this little guy by the river who was more than happy to pose for a photo despite all the bread crumbs covering his mouth!
 We took a walk along the walls at the back of the Minster as we've never actually done this and got some lovely views.
 Whenever we go to York Josh loves to take this shot of the Minster, we probably have a load of the exact same photo. This one is probably the nicest one though with the bright blue sky.
 Of course no visit to York is complete without trips to the many pubs, we spent our afternoons tucked away in a small pub that's a favourite of ours, people watching and talking about anything and everything.
I bought some nuts in the hopes of coming across some squirrels in the park. On Tuesday morning we went nice and early while there wasn't really anyone about and fed this cute little squirrel who happily munched away on a fair few nuts.

We also take a photo on this bench everytime we visit York, it's become a tradition. After enjoying a relaxed Tuesday morning in the sun with the squirrels we headed off to some museums. 

I have another post coming up at the weekend with more photo's from our trip.


  1. York is so beautiful! I had a weekend away there not so long ago and wrote a post about it - our photos are very similar!
    Glad you had a nice time :)

    Emily xxxx

  2. I love York, its such a beautiful place! Looks like you had a lovely time :) lovely post. x


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