Happy List #99 The February 2014 Edition

February was a weird month for me, in some ways I felt like it flew by but for the last few weeks of the month I was a day ahead all the time, much to my disappointment on a Thursday at work! I guess I really needed the half term though I'm not feeling going back to work tomorrow either!
My half term holiday has been spent learning phonics, shopping, blogging pigging out at Pizza Hut with my best friend and of course spending more time with Josh.

February was the month I really settled into my work routine only to find out I'm moving into a different class tomorrow anyway, I feel like I'm starting all over again but I think it's going to be good for me with lots of opportunities to learn loads of new stuff and get on some courses so I'm actually quite looking forwards to it. 

During February Josh and I finished off watching Breaking Bad for the second time, I swear it was even better watching it again! We have a post coming up soon about our favourite TV shows so look out for that.

March should be a pretty good month, Josh and I will be spending a bit more time together and it's his birthday so I can't wait to bake a cake and spoil him!

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Powering through Breaking Bad

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