Happy List #100

Wow 100 Happy Lists, I can't quite believe it. When I started this little feature in 2011 I had no idea that I would still be writing this blog let alone get to the 100th Happy List three years on. The Happy List has gone through many changes and different looks over the past three years but it's always stuck around in some way or another. It started as a weekly feature but it got too difficult to keep that up so now it's just more of an as and when kinda thing. I like that it's a place to look back on the simple happy things from the past few weeks and I always feel like it's a place where I can just chat and catch up with you all! 

For the 100th Happy List I wanted to do something a little different to mark the milestone. So for this one I've decided to make a list of some of the simple things that make happy (I've tried to keep it short so it isn't a huge post). I've also made a little list of my favourite past Happy Lists. I'd love for you to get involved too so please let me know what makes you really happy!

It's the simple things...
  1. TV series marathons
  2. Cinema dates
  3. Spending time with Josh
  4. Walks in the sunshine
  5. Spending time in York or Liverpool
  6. Cuddles with Josh's cats
  7. Baking
  8. Silly late night conversations with Josh
  9. Reading really good books
  10. Spending far too long on Pinterest

Favourite past Happy Lists...
Happy List #1 Where it all began
Happy List #27 For the memories of uni friends and going out in Birmingham
 Happy List #29 For the cocktail memories and the laughs me and Josh had that night
Happy List #31 For the Halloween memories and not giving a crap that I'd just dyed the entire bathroom bright red
Happy List #71 For the 2012 summer memories
Happy List #81 For the final Christmas living in Coventry memories
Happy List #92 For the happy final memories of Coventry and the Wales memories

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