Thoughts on my new job

On 13th January 2014 at around 8.30am I became the 'new girl'. The night before I'd packed my bag and picked out my outfit, that morning I'd made up my packed lunch and walked to work. I was a bag of nerves. 

That was 6 weeks ago and while I still feel like the new girl I also feel like I've settled into my job and I'm throughly enjoying it way more than I could have ever wished for. For those who don't know I'm a teaching assistant in a primary school. I get on well with the teacher and the other teaching assistant in my class and most of the kids are great!

Of course it hasn't been all plain sailing I had and still do have a lot to prove and there's been a few times where it's felt like the longest day ever and I've just wanted to come home, vent a little and then forget it all but thankfully these kind of days are very rare.

The real happy moment came half way through my fourth week, the girls who'd been testing me for weeks finally decided I was good enough to pass and have become a lot more warming and positive toward me, infact it's hard to get rid of them now they want to be my friend! I also have a little chum in a different class who has to be the cutest, sweetest child ever and he spends break times linking arms with me and hugs me when he has to go. I swear my heart melts at the cuteness every time! 

After the half term holiday things are changing around and I'll be moving into the foundation class and working with the youngest kids in school. I'm excited to experience that and I'm glad I get to try out a different class. 

I don't know what will happen with this job as it's only a temporary contract and I don't know what will happen with my career choices all I do know is that I'm really happy right now, the happiest I've been since I had to move home from uni last summer so I'm just going to embrace that and see where things go.

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