Living a more postive and happy life

Confession time: I am a natural born pessimist, worrier and stresser. I've always been this way and the older I've got the worse it's got. Obviously as an adult there is more to worry and stress about but I mean the slightest thing sets me off. I wasn't sure how much to share on here but I figured I'd just type and see what came out! Generally I like to keep Bits and Bobs a happy place and fill it with lots of positive things like the Happy List and Thankful Thursday but I like to blog honestly too.

When I moved back home last July I gradually noticed that I got a lot worse, I didn't want to be back at home, I hated living back with my parents and not with Josh, been unemployed was getting me down and my pure hatred for the job centre made my life miserable. All this meant that not only did I worry and stress even more but I felt anxious and panicky as well, my heart would beat faster everytime I had to go to the job centre and I would leave feeling like a just wanted to cry. I'd lay awake at night getting myself upset over not living with Josh anymore, not having a job and been made to apply for dead end rubbish jobs by the job centre. Small things would upset me and it got to the point where I would cry on an almost daily basis. I barely slept and when I did I was averaging around 5 hours sometimes less, the more time I spent awake the more I worried and panicked about stuff.

I knew I had to do something when I spent Christmas feeling down and upset and then had a panic attack one night when all the worrying and stressful thoughts got too much. I never want to feel like I did on that night again.

Starting my job in January had a massive impact on my life in more ways then I could have imagined. I feel much happier and I really enjoy what I do. I actually look forwards to going to work. When you finally click with kids and they want to spend time with you it's a great feeling, kids are brutally honest so to know they like you and want to be be with you is just great!

Overall I am feeling much happier than I did in the latter half of 2013, there are still some things I would like to change but I now know that in time these things will happen and everything will be OK. I've found myself over recent weeks looking at things more positively and it's making me much happier.

Of course I couldn't ignore Pinterest in my positivity quest and went ahead and made a board for happy and positive quotes. I've made a little collage of a few below but I think in order to keep myself on track (and maybe inspire others, who knows) with this whole positive living thing I may do some posts in future dedicated to any nice quotes I come across and have a little chat about them.

Here's to living a more positive and happy life.

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  1. Pinterest is such a good place for positive sayings - I've noticed you've upped the ante with them recently! I'm glad you're feeling better, the job centre is the Devil's work. I remember when I was there they kept suggesting waitressing during the summer - not exactly the career I was looking for (especially as I'd done it for like 3 years!)

    I'm glad the job is going so well - and I've not said it yet so Congratulations!!


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