Happy List #98

I feel like I don't get to post any proper lifestyle posts on here now, work has taken over! I have to admit I do really miss it but I don't really do anything to blog about now I work all week then by the weekend I just want to relax and spend time with Josh. It's hard to get photo's too given that I can't be bothered and the lighting is rubbish by the time I get home and I don't have a fancy phone to get good, quick snaps of things for posts like this so I have to rely on the times I'm with Josh and get him to take photo's on his iphone. 

Since the last Happy List things have been going really well at work and I've found out I'll be moving classes after the half term holiday (speaking of which I broke up on Friday and I sooo need this week off!) to the EYFS class which is basically a mixed class of reception and year 1 kids. It's a bit of a jump from a year 4 and 5 mixed class but I'm looking forwards to it, I reckon it'll be good for me in there and I'll learn lots of stuff and hopefully get some good training opportunities too. I've spent a couple of days in there already this week to get a feel for things and I think I'm going to like it. 

Josh and I ditched our usual Saturday night routine of a takeaway and a TV series marathon and went out to see a Beatles tribute band, it was a pretty good night though the band was a little rough around the edges. We shouldn't judge though as we're used to seeing the Bootleg Beatles which are a really huge and successful tribute band.

Then last Friday, Valentine's Day Josh did a really nice night for me which was just what I needed as I'd had quite a rough week at work. We enjoyed a nice meal, a bottle of wine, chocolates and a Grammy's tribute to the Beatles. I'm not a big fan of people covering Beatles songs but Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons and Dave Grohl were all pretty good. A pretty perfect Valentines night!

Valentines presents - I've wanted an Abbey Road cushion for sooo long so I'm happy Josh bought me one, the Star Wars book was a present for Josh because he's a geek! 
A card from Josh's cats really did happen and yes it made me happy / The Pretend Beatles


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  1. I hear ya about not having time to blog thanks to real life

    I love that cushion and the Beatles tribute band night out sounds a cracking idea, once I went to see a Who tribute band and I loved it - even though, like yours, they were a bit rough around the edges! x


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