The Pet Tag: Meet Lexi

Last week I introduced you to one of Josh's cats, Ziggy, you can read his post here. Today I'll be introducing you to the other cat of Josh's, the wonderfully naughty, incredibly greedy and spoilt Lexi! AKA the little princess. She literally gets away with just about anything and although I do love both cats I have a real soft spot for Lexi. She's my little furry friend! Josh says our relationship is unhealthy but I can't help it if my best friend happens to be a cat!

What is your pets name? Lexi, there were many options batted around before the name Lexi was finally settled on
Does you pet have any nicknames? I call her sooo many different things! Lexi-Lu, Lulubell, Lulibell, Trixi-Lu, Lexles, Peahead, Scrat, Luli, Captain Squidgy Face. The list could go on!
What kind of pet are they and what breed? She's a tortoise shell cat, or a naughty tortie!
How old is your pet and how long have you had your pet friend? She'll be 10 months old at the end of January and Josh's family have had her since she was around 8 weeks old
How did you get your pet? Josh's mum got her from one of her friends whose cat had kittens
What are some quirky things about your pets personality? She's the funniest cat ever! She oinks and grunts and gets for too hyper which results in her practising parkour then getting thrown outside as she's still not learnt that bouncing off the walls and climbing up the bansiters is not acceptable. She doesn't really visit Josh's room much until I'm there then she walks in casual as anything and sits straight on my knee, I take this as a sign of love! Josh says when I'm not there she comes into his room, looks around then leaves as though she's looking for me! She isn't a big fan of been outside at night and will often sit on Josh's windowsill crying to be let in, if you go to the bathroom during the night she also jumps up at the window and wants to be let in. She's a fan of joining me for a bath too and loves to poke her little peahead over the side of the tub.
What does your relationship with your pet mean to you? I know I may be straying into crazy cat lady territory here but I really do love her to bits. She cheers me up and makes me laugh. When I moved back home from uni and spent quite a few months unemployed I started to get quite down but Lexi always lifted my spirits.
What are some of your favourite past times with your pet and what are your favourite memories? Lexi and I love indepth conversations, I seriously talk to her like she's a child and when she's been naughty I hold her out in front of my so she has to look at me when I tell her off. She gets this little look on her face as though she's really taking it all in. Lexi also loves trying new food, she will literally eat anything. Josh and I joke now that she rates all the stuff so when she tries something new we'll go "5 stars" unless she turns her nose up then it's "no stars". Pretty sad really!

 So that was Lexi! She may not be the cutest or most ladylike but she's my little squidge and I love her!

If you missed it you can read the pet tag for Josh's other cat, Ziggy here.


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