Greatest Comforts

At this time of year we're all craving a little comfort, it's cold and dark and the fun part of winter seems like a distant memory. We've all settled back into work and life and despite our claims of loving winter back in December we're all wishing for a bit of warmth now! With this in mind I thought the perfect topic for this Lauren's Lists would be your greatest comforts.

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  1. Coming home from work and changing into the comfiest pyjama's I can find
  2. Eating tomato soup with a cheese toastie
  3. Blogging in big, thick jumpers and toastie, fluffy socks
  4. Falling asleep next to Josh
  5. A hot bath full of bubbles and a good book to read in it
  6. Nights spent under the duvet doing TV series marathons with Josh
  7. Finding a book I can't put down, one that I can completely lose myself in
  8. Burning wax tarts 
  9. Eating beef stew with a giant yorkshire pudding
  10. Watching Friends
  11. Listening to Dear Prudence by The Beatles - instant happiness
  12. Planning days out and trips away. I like having things to look forwards to
  13. Cuddling with Josh's cats
  14. Walks in the lovely areas Josh and I are fortunate enough to live near
  15. Being in Liverpool
I actually found this list to be a very positive exercise, it felt like a really good thing to think about what makes me feel happy and comforted. I actually felt much happier by the end of it and I was quite happy when I started so something went good! 

 Don't forget I'd love it if you joined in with this feature so let me know what you look forwards to in December or leave me a link to your post. You can view previous Lauren's Lists here.

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