Favourite Albums

For this Lauren's Lists, Josh has got involved too. We're both music lovers but Josh come at it from a completely different angle to me given that he's a musician. Neither of us are into modern music too much, with my love of the Beatles being well documented! It's very rare that I like a whole album, as much as I love the Beatles some of their albums only contain a few tracks that I actually really like however my list of albums has been made up based on two things, I can listen to them over and over and they contain quite a lot of songs that I like.

Lauren's Favourite Albums:
  1. Mondo Magneto by Brian Ray - It reminds me of the first summer Josh and I spent together so it will always be a favourite for those memories
  2. Revolver by The Beatles - This album contains a lot of songs I really like unlike other Beatles albums so it's easy to listen to
  3. The State by Nickelback - I've been a Nickelback fan since I was 11 but it wasn't until I couple of years ago that I discovered The State, one of their very first albums and it's definitely my favourite of theirs
  4. (What's the Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis - I could listen to Oasis over and over and this album contains one of my favourite songs, Champagne Supernova
  5. Definitely Maybe by Oasis - I couldn't choose between this and Morning Glory as both have some amazing songs on them so two Oasis albums had to feature
  6. Flaming Pie by Paul McCartney - Again much like the Beatles there's a lot of Paul McCartney songs I love but they're dotted around on various albums. Flaming Pie however for me is the best album he's done
Josh's Favourite Albums:
  1.  Driving Rain by Paul McCartney - It’s got some awesome little tunes on, and though it’s massively underrated this is the album that got me into the music of Paul McCartney and then The Beatles and then Wings. 
  2.  Back in the World by Paul McCartney - This is the live CD of the tour supporting the Driving Rain album. My mum bought it while we were in America and I listened to it loads. Paul and the band are on fire and the setlist is amazing!
  3.  Mondo Magneto by Brian Ray - Kind of stumbled upon this album in about 2006 but to say Brian Ray is a relatively unknown artist the songs are really good and varied and interesting!
  4.  Abbey Road by The Beatles - Although I prefer Wings to The Beatles I can’t find a single fault on their final album. From start to finish it is backed with some of the best songs in music. It is innovative and ahead of its time, culminating on the legendary ‘Abbey Road medley’.
  5.  Swing When You’re Winning by Robbie Williams - Gotta love a good ‘swing’ album, and Robbie puts on a good show rattling through some of the genre’s best songs.

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