Happy List: The New Year Edition

Happy New Year everyone! The first Happy List of 2014 and I hope there's many more to follow. In 2013 the Happy List feature went a little quiet for long periods of time which was a little sad for me as they've always been my favourite posts to do and you guys seem to enjoy them too. Infact when I did my 2013 blog survey a few weeks ago one of the questions was 'what would you like to see from Bits and Bobs in 2014' and the most popular answer by far was more Happy Lists! Over the past few weeks I have done quite a few Happy Lists including some Christmas edition ones. Although I am starting a job soon I hope I can go back to the simple roots of the Happy List and create more for you to read! 

So this Happy Lists is a New Year Edition one, Josh and I always spend New Years Eve together as we don't see each other Christmas Day, this year we decided to spend New Years Eve and New Years Day together to make up for not spending Christmas Day together. It was nice to just chill out in pj's watching films on New Years Day as opposed to thinking about going home. Josh and I aren't big drinkers and quite frankly the chaos of New Years Eve in a pub annoys us both so the past few years we haven't been out. This year we decided to stay in again, choosing to just have a couple of drinks each. Josh's mum always does a good little buffet for New Years Eve too so we gladly tucked into that and settled down to start watching Breaking Bad again! During the day on New Years Eve we went to see the second Hobbit film which was so good!

The Hobbit / Drink / Snacks / Breaking Bad

The first chin tickle of 2014! / Had a game of Beatles Monopoly / Wreck-It Ralph

I thought this post would be the perfect place to note down any resolutions too so at the end of the year I can look back on it. I'm not big on making resolutions as I never stick to them, for years I had the same of one stop biting my nails and it never worked, I randomly stopped biting them around the start 2012! However there are a couple of things I would like to do this year. One is to save up a decent amount of money. 2014 could well be the year that Josh and I get our own place so obviously we'll need money for that so I've set some little personal saving goals that I would love to achieve. The second is to worry less, be more positive and have more fun. On the whole 2013 was a good year I don't really have anything to complain about but I spent a lot of the time during the latter half of the year feeling sad, worrying about things and feeling very negative. I'm a natural worrier and a pessimist and this year I'd like that to change!

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