BOOKS: Favourite Books of 2013

For the past few years I've done a post over on my other blog summarising my favourite books of that year. However seen as I have now decided to combine the other blogs I had floating around into this one blog (read this post for more info on that) my favourite books of 2013 post is now appearing on here! In 2013 I took part in the Goodreads reading challenge, which by the way if any of you have Goodreads you can find me here, where I set myself the challenge to read 25 books throughout the year. In hindsight it was a tad ambitious given that I'm not the world's fastest reader and a couple of times a week I stay at Josh's and don't take a book with me, which goes someway in explaining why I only managed to read 19 books! Although I didn't reach my goal I'm quite happy with the number I did manage to read and this year I've set myself the goal of reading 20 books along with the added goal of reducing the number of books on my bookshelf so I'll be definitely reading actual books instead of Kindle books for a while! 

My favourite books of 2013 were...

1. Tuesdays with Morrie - This is a book I've read before but it's just one of those books I know I'll always read again and again because it's just so heartwarming, uplifting, touching and sad all in one go. I haven't a bad word to say about it and I'd recommend it to everyone. There's a lot to be learnt from this book!

 2. Room - Although at times the story is a little far fetched there's no denying that Room is a very intense novel. Written from a child's perspective it very cleverly leads the reader into a world that is very difficult to imagine but this narrative seems to do it with ease. Although it has the odd fault on the whole it is a very well written book.

3. Wonder - This is actually a children's story that I read as part of my final project at university and I'm so glad that I did read it. I admit I expected the worst with this book, I expected to be thrown into a book with page after page spilling with self-righteousness. In reality you get a down to earth, honest account of life when you look different to other people. I'd recommend this for adults as well as children.

4. The Shadow of the Wind - This was the second novel I've read my Carlos Ruiz Zafon and I have to say he's quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. This novel has to be one of the most beautifully written novels I've come across, packed full of vivid descriptions and imagery. It's an intense and gripping novel that manages to add just the right amount of humour too.

5. The Night Watch - I actually watched the BBC adaptation of this book a few years ago and really enjoyed it so Josh bought me the book. I finally got around  to reading it in 2013 and it really didn't disappoint. Each character has their own story that's woven into a bigger story. It's easy to connect with all the characters and imagine their lives. The story works backwards which I though was an excellent feature of the novel. Starting with the end then working back to how everything ended up that way.


  1. I love Tuesday's With Morrie, I might have to start reading it again actually! xx

  2. I loved Room and bloody loved Shadow of the Wind - I recommend it to everyone I meet! I look forward to your recommendations in 2014! xx


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