Center Parcs Part 2

On Saturday I did the first part of my Center Parcs post which you can read here. It has some photo's and a little summary of what Josh and I got up to on our holiday.

As a mentioned in the last post a lot of our time was spent in the swimming area either in the pool or sat by it. I managed to finish off my book which was a great bonus (I'll be reviewing it sometime soon!) and it was a great way to relax. I love water rides and being in the pool so I definitely took advantage of the raft ride and the rapids. I loved the rapids even if my legs look worse for wear now with bumps, bruises and scrapes. It's all part of the fun! I also mentioned we'd taken a trip to the Pancake House whilst on holiday, you'll get to see the mighty pancake stack in today's post, but if you're ever at Center Parcs I highly recommend a visit (all the UK Center Parcs have one). Infact I'd recommend the whole of Center Parcs, it's just the perfect place to unwind and relax in beautiful surroundings (I swear this isn't sponsored!)

Just incase anyone is wondering the final photo of the bunch is of some big lights that we're hanging in some of trees they looked so lovely on a night.

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