Center Parcs Part 1

Yesterday I returned from a five day break at Center Parcs with Josh and his family. I had the most relaxing and lovely five days possible. Josh and I spent most of our time either sat by the pool or in the pool which was fine by us both! It was so nice to wake up surrounded by the forest and watch the squirrels running past or the ducks waddling by. Oh and feeding the squirrels Coco Pops outside our villa, they loved them! I could have stayed there forever! 

It was hard to narrow down the photo's I wanted to use so I've decided to do it across two posts, that way I won't have to collage the pictures. Even if they are all just of squirrels and trees!

As I said most of the day, everyday Josh and I spent time sat around the pool reading and listening to music and then enjoying the rapids and the jacuzzi! We're both real water babies so we loved spending our time this way! When we weren't in the pool we took some nice walks around and down to the nature centre to watch all the birds and squirrels feeding, we even spotted a little rabbit on one of the days too. Of course we couldn't really go to Center Parcs and not visit the Pancake House, hands down the best pancakes I've ever had. I opted for the chocoholic stack and couldn't manage it all, I give it my best try though. 

Part 2 of my Center Parcs holiday can be found here!

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  1. This sounds lovely and relaxing, perfect after christmas! xo


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