The Bootleg Beatles

On Thursday evening  Josh and I went to see The Bootleg Beatles, who are if you hadn't guessed it a Beatles tribute band. We're talking a tribute band like no other though, they're pretty famous and their shows usually sell out, we went to see them at Sheffield City Hall which holds over 2000 people and it was sold out! It is the second time we've seen them however the last time we went was four years ago and I was ill so it was nice to go and see them without feeling poorly! Josh's parents surprised us with the tickets a few weeks back as a graduation present as ever since the first year we went we've talked about seeing them again. It was such a good night, I mean for a Beatles fan what's better than been surrounded by other Beatles fans and listening to your favourite music. They really did put on an amazing show.

Seeing the Bootleg Beatles was our kind of night out and I left feeling very happy!

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