Our small but cute Christmas decorations!

For the past few years Josh and I have had our own place to decorate but if you're a regular reader you'll know that we're back at our parent's homes now. Not ones to let this get in the way of festive fun we've kind of gone to town on decorating Josh's bedroom, I stay at his more than he stays at mine and we open presents at his so it made sense to put our stuff up in his room. We haven't been able to put everything up as his room is a shoebox bedroom so we only have a 3ft tree in there! However we've managed to get our nice decorations on the tree, a couple of a other decorations are scattered around the room and we've even made some new additions this year! I love buying really nice decorations, ones that we'll keeps for a long time so it's always nice to add this collection.

 Our tree and presents
 The first nice decorations we bought each other / Red jingle bell from York (we have a silver one too) / Personalised bauble to Josh for our 5th anniversary (it has a message on the back)

Candle carousel with our names

Reindeer from York Christmas market / Star from ebay / Snowglobe from Birmingham Christmas market / Robin from Grandma's Cottage Gifts

So they are our small but cute Christmas decorations! Fingers crossed next year we'll have our own home to decorate in Christmassy things!

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