Things to look forwards to in December

As I'm sure it is for many people, December is a busy month for me however the good news is it's all fun stuff, yay! So of course the topic for this Lauren's Lists had to be thing's I'm looking forwards to in December.

  1. Putting a little tree up at Josh's with all our special decorations onit
  2. Seeing all the presents under our little tree
  3. Going to York for the day
  4. A date night consisting of bowling and Indian food
  5. Sheffield Christmas market
  6. Seeing Bootleg Beatles
  7. Our six year anniversary
  8. Watching lots of Christmas films
  9. Our Christmas Day (Josh and I swap presents on Christmas Eve)
  10. Christmas dinner
December is without a doubt my favourite month for so many reasons, Christmas been the obvious one! 

Don't forget I'd love it if you joined in with this feature so let me know what you look forwards to in December or leave me a link to your post. You can view previous Lauren's Lists here.


  1. I hope next week I'll have time to put up our Christmas Tree :) I usually do it later in December. I love seeing all the presents under it as well

  2. Aww so many things to look forward to <3

    Jennie xo |


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