Happy List: The Christmas Edition Part 2

This Christmas Happy List is one for the Christmas I had with my family, part one of the Christmas Happy List with Josh can be found here. Again I'll be showing presents so again I'll say that I'm not showing off, I love seeing what other people got and I like to look back on these things myself.

So this second Christmas was on Christmas Day of course! The morning was spent visiting my mum and my grandparents and then in the afternoon my stepsister, her husband and my niece came for dinner. It meant we didn't open present until later on but that was OK as it was so cute watching my niece unwrapping presents although she wasn't too sure what to do! Although this time around with presents I knew most of what I was getting I still loved everything, so thankyou to all my family for getting me such lovely things!

Tree and presents / My Dad's homemade mince pies (the only mince pies I'll eat!) / Little cutie opening her presents (they're not all her's although she did try opening them all!)
 More of my Dad's mince pies / All my presents / Chocolate / Beauty stuff

Dress and bag / Books, blu rays and DVD's / Beatles calendar and The Beatles Live at the BBC 2 CD

Don't forget you can check out part one of the Christmas Happy List here. If you've done a post about your Christmas leave me the link in the comments, I'd love to have a look.

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