Happy List: The Christmas Edition Part 1

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, filled up on amazing food and received some lovely gifts. I've decided to split my Christmas Happy List into two parts as I pretty much had two Christmases, one with Josh and one with my family so I've decided to share some photo's and my presents from both Christmases. There's going to be a lot of photo's on each post so get comfy! I'll do the usual disclaimer now that I'm not showing off by posting my Christmas presents, I love seeing what other people got and I like to look back on these things myself.

My first Christmas took place over a few days with Josh, we spent a couple of days watching Christmas films,eating chocolate, waking up early and just lying talking then napping through the day. Perfection! We had our Christmas Day on Christmas Eve so we woke up early in excitement and enjoyed a bacon sandwich before unwrapping our presents from each other. We later watched The Muppets Christmas Carol and Polar Express. I loved all my presents from Josh and was really spoilt by him, I'm so lucky! Most of the things he got me were a complete surprise, he always does so well at picking out presents and I love surprises!

Unwrapping presents / Enjoying a Christmas drink / More unwrapping / Sporting a new onsie Josh's parents bought me / Josh with his new Beatles books / The funniest photo of this little fluff ball to date (she's enjoying all the wrapping paper!) / Rocking our Christmas outfits / Presents from each other / Beatles Monopoly (such a nerd!)

Chocolates from Josh and his parents / Books / Blu Rays / Baking stuff

Lush Snow Fairy perfume / Accessorize set from Josh's parents / Pretty dress / Beatles Monopoly / Love Me Do Beatles Record and The Beatles Live at the BBC CD

I had the most perfect few days with Josh just relaxing and playing Beatles Monopoly (I won!).

If you've done a post a post about your Christmas leave me the link in the comments, I'd love to have a look.

P.S part 2 of the Christmas Happy List can be found here!

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely few days and received some really nice gifts :) I love your floral dress xx


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