A look back at 2013

New Year's Eve has rolled around once more which means before the celebrations start for seeing in the New Year it is time to take a look back at the past year, the ups and downs and the happy memories. This year I'm also going to include a small selection of some blog posts from Bits and Bobs in the past year that are particular favourites of mine which you may want to take a look at! Any captions in pink under the photo's also link to a full blog post about that particular thing if you would like to have a look.

2013 has been a year for...

...exploring places new and old 

Black Country Living Museum / Tropical Butterfly House / Dudley Zoo / Portsmouth
Liverpool / Stratford upon Avon / Wales / York

...saying goodbye to uni and becoming graduates 

 Goodbye uni / Hello graduation

...cuddles with this little fur ball (unforunately she isn't mine, she's Josh's!)

Eating my camera / Enjoying night time fuss / Cuddles / She loves squidgy face really!

...places like this softening the blow of moving back home

 Random pretty cottage in a woods near me / Newmillerdam / Abandoned rail tracks / Pretty old church near me

Favourite blog posts of 2013
A day in the life - the first one of these posts I did. I like it for the memories it brings back
30 random facts - a chance to get to know me a bit more!
Creative Minds - the moment I realised I am actually more creative than I give myself credit for
Is going to university worth it? - Josh and I tackled the subject of whether to go to uni or not
Is a journalism degree worth the time and money? - Josh and I discussed our opinions or journalism degrees
Keeping an active mind whilst unemployed - My tips on keeping motivated and finding things to do whilst unemployed
Graduation - a photo diary of my graduation 25/11
Who am I? - a look at my life and who I am at this moment in time

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