6 Years

To Josh (and anyone else who doesn't mind a couple of minutes of anniversary chat!)
Today you and I have been together for six years. We never did the whole dating thing, I was only 16 and well you just didn't have a clue! So when you asked me out I kinda just got stuck with you without knowing what I'd let myself in for (it's OK you turned out to be a decent guy!) 
In the past six years we've spent time together at college until you finished, been on holiday together and settled for mini breaks when we could no longer afford holidays, moved in together and attended university together, then three years later moved out and back to our parents and are currently dealing with living apart, we've graduated together as well as many other things. 

I'm excited to see where another year will take us and what it will bring, although Josh you know I have my fingers and toes crossed that we'll be living together next year! 

 A nice loving photo right there!

Thankyou for six amazing years, for everything you do for me and for giving me so many different names over the years that on the rare occasion you call me Lauren now, it just sounds too weird!

Lots of love from Lel, Pancake, Floofy, Bobbypin, Lion and Leeli (I figured I best stop here because the list of names could have gone on forever!)

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