Last Monday Josh and I graduated from Coventry University both with 2:1 degrees in Journalism and English. We headed back to Coventry on Sunday and I have to say it was very strange to go back. We spent a large chunk of our relationship living in Coventry and to not be doing so anymore is still at times a weird concept for me. I genuinely miss the place but I also miss the life I had with Josh there so I was very happy to be back. We had a browse around the shops and visited Ikea for old times sake before joining Josh's parents for a little afternoon drink. My Dad and stepmum soon joined us and we spend a fair amount of time chatting before heading back to the hotel to relax before going out for a meal. The whole family clan headed out later on for a meal and cocktails at Cosmo, a world buffet restaurant where we all ate until we were ready to pop. Josh and I were then surprised with an amazing graduation cake and some gifts. We really do have lovely families! 
The evening was rounded off by a visit to what was one of our favourite pubs to go to when we lived in Coventry. It's the oldest pub in Coventry and it's so quirky and cosy. Lots of little rooms with roaring fires and real ales and ciders. Perfection! We headed back to the hotel later on, still full from the lovely food and feeling very happy.

The next day was graduation day and a little more stressful than the relaxing day we'd had on Sunday. None the less it really was an amazing day, much better than I could've ever expected (despite the cold and rain). I'm really happy that the whole thing from moving away, going to university and finally graduating was something that Josh and I could share.

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  1. Congratulations to you both on your graduation! :)
    Sounds like you had a lovely couple of days xx


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