BOOKS: Mini Book Reviews #6

I'm back with more mini book reviews, if you want to read my previous ones you can do so here and if you would like to read any book review over in full (I have quite a lot) you can do so over on my other blog here. The four books I'll be reviewing today are: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, A Sister's Gift, The Good, The Bad and the Furry and Apartment 16.

 The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce
The curse of hyped up books strikes again! Although it was an OK book I don't necessarily agree with all the rave reviews this book has received. The novel just gently plods along without really leaving a mark. Given some of the subjects covered in the book I expected to a bit moved by this book but it just didn't stir up much emotion (and I cry at pretty much anything!). It's worth a read but it's not the most exciting book I've ever read.
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 A Sister's Gift by Giselle Green
This book seemed to take forever to get going which wasn't a good start at all. After reading the book a found out the one of the plotlines has caused some controversy amongst readers but I'll be honest it didn't really shock me I was just happy for something to finally be happening. I feel the ending could have been developed more in place of the slow start. In all this book needed a snappier start and a less snappy finish!
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 The Good, The Bad and the Furry by Tom Cox
This book is all about the famous Twitter cat, The Bear and his other furry friends. I'm a sucker for a cat book so this was on my to read list instantly. Written by Tom Cox, it documents his life with an abundance of four-legged friends both past and present (some of which don’t even belong to him). His witty writing style and ability to anthropomorphise any animal he comes into contact with makes this a funny, enjoyable read.
Full review here.
Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill
 I was after a scary book to read around Halloween and Apartment 16 seemed perfect. From the start the book did a great job of providing a few scares and did very well it building tension; it had me hooked. At times I felt the book became a little too weird though and there were some things left unanswered that I would have like to have known.
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  1. Ohh that's such a shame Harold Fry didn't live up to expectations, I still want to give it a read though, if only to see what all the fuss is about!

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