Happy List #94

Long time no Happy List, it really doesn't feel like a month since I last did one of these posts. I think a small catch up is in order first. There's no major news over here, still job hunting and still as fed up as ever of going to the job centre but lets not focus on that. The last few weeks have been filled with lots of walks, staying at Josh's for two weeks whilst his parents were away, Christmas shopping and treating myself to a few autumn/winter pieces (hello Lush Christmas stuff and pretty candles!)
I came back from Josh's a couple of days ago after spending two weeks there which was nice as it's been strange to go from living together for three years to only spending two nights a week together. We've enjoyed lots of walks, tv series and films and I've been enjoying an abundance of cuddles from his cat Lexi, I was just about ready to pop her in my bag and bring her back home with me! Whilst I stayed at his we decided (well I did) to do a spot of Christmas shopping and treat myself to a few things as well, I'm going to try and do a haul video over the next few weeks so look out for that.
So onto the pictures...

My first ever salted caramel hot chocolate, it was so good / Spotted this Breaking Bad cookie whilst shopping / They look like we've just caught them doing something they shouldn't be! / Paul MCCartney's new album - New which is really good

Walking along disused rail tracks / Lexi eating my camera when we tried to take photo's of her / Night time Lexi strokes! / A walk around Newmillerdam

Let me know what's been making you happy recently!


  1. Wonderful list! Your cats are adorable,and I agree with you about the salted caramel hot chocolate :)

  2. Salted caramel hot chocolate sounds SO yummy! I hope you had a lovely weekend and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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