The Not Quite 25 Before 25 Two Year Update

Two years ago, shortly after my 20th birthday I created a list of things I would like to achieve before I'm 25. I have 21 things on the list because I couldn't actually think of 25 things. Two years on and I'd like to think I'm a little wiser than when I wrote the list (haha who am I kidding?!) and I realise some of the things on there in reality probably won't get achieved before I'm 25, but that's not to say they won't ever get achieved. In the same respect there's things on there that have now become much more important to me than when I first wrote the list so it will be exciting to see what the next year brings. You can see what I managed to tick off the list in the first year here and today I'll be going through what I've done between my 21st birthday and my 22nd birthday.

 So in this past year I've:
  • been on four mini break to Liverpool (twice), London and Portsmouth
  • seen a show in London (Wicked)
  • visited lots of new places including place in Portsmouth, Wales and Stratford-upon-Avon 
  • Learned to make lots more recipes
  • Had a holiday in Wales
So in all this past year has been quite a fun one with me going on lots of mini breaks and to new places. Over the next year I'm hoping to focus more on the serious ones of the list such as graduating which is happening in November and getting a place of my own with Josh, fingers crossed it all goes well!

You can see my full not quite 25 before 25 list here.

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