Tropical Butterfly House

On Sunday me, my Dad, my stepmum and my niece had a day out at the Tropical Butterfly House which actually has lots of other animals aside from butterflies. My niece seemed to quite enjoy all the animals and I enjoyed feeding them! I took so many photo's whilst we were there that it was hard to narrow them down, so get comfortable!

 The little robin came into my Dad's hand for some food!
 I fed the goats, rabbits and meerkats. Although I wasn't a big fan of handling the worms the meerkats ate!

The picture of the butterfly at the top is after it had landed on my Dad's arm. You could do a lemur walk through so it was really good be so close to them!

The day was nicely rounded off with a BBQ then once my niece had gone to bed, Dad lit the fire-pit and we sat outside with a few drinks. A pretty perfect day.


  1. Beautiful Photos! Looks like my kinda day out...minus the butterflies as I'm petrified of them haha.
    I love photographing animals they're so funny and interesting to watch. The lemur looks so inquisitive into what you are doing haha!

    Best wishes,

  2. Those rabbits are so cute! As are the meercats and lemurs. Topped off with a BBQ sounds like a pretty darn good day! xxx


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