Happy List #92

As expected living back at home and being currently unemployed is bringing some real up and down moments to my life, some of which I spoke about briefly here. For the most part I do like to keep this blog a happy place though (although it sometimes good for the soul to let everything pour out!) so there will always be a special place in my heart for the Happy List feature. At the moment blogging is one of the things keeping me sane, I honestly don't know what I'd do without and after a little bit of a dry spell, inspiration is slowly creeping back in and I'm excited to see what ideas come to mind next. 

In the weeks since my last Happy List I have celebrated, in a very relaxing and understated manner, my 22nd birthday, enjoyed spending my birthday pennies on some treats for myself, had a date day with Josh, finished watching the TV series Hannibal (which I highly recommend) and reveled in early morning snuggles with Josh's cat when I've stayed at his. So I guess it's not all bad.

 Birthday presents / New things to try / Messing around (this photo amuses me more than it should) / Went to see The Conjuring

New mint green shift dress / Look beauty buys / Shopping (video coming next week) / Cat cuddles
 Cute little Lexi / Me and Josh before going out for a meal / Sleepy owls at a local gala


  1. It's always good to focus on the ups! :) You look absolutely lovely in that mint shift dress.
    Happy Belated Birthday! xx


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