Educated and Jobless

A bit of a serious post today, I'm not sure what direction it's going to go in as I just wanted to sit and write. But here's the thing... I've left university and I've joined the ranks of the unemployed, more preciously I've joined the ranks of the well educated and unemployed. 

Now I could sit here and quote figures and statistics, I could say the Government do nothing for people like me (this is true but we won't go there!) instead I'm going to sum up my situation in one simple sentence... having a degree and being unemployed is shit. Going to the job centre has to be one of the most soul destroying things ever. Knowing I'm receiving benefits makes me feel like a scrounger because the fact of the matter is there's such a stigma attached to it all. 

I'm fed up of hearing people say I just need to find any job to put me on but the thing is I don't want any old job. I went to university for 3 years, I've left with a very good 2:1 degree, I don't want to work in McDonalds or go back to waitressing. I'm not being stuck up about it all because I'm not restricting my job search to ones that need a degree but I want something that'll mean I can move out of home and live with Josh, not any crappy old job. Which nicely leads me onto my next point...

...Living back at home after three years of living with Josh is not good. Don't get me wrong I love my Dad and stepmum and I have everything I want here but when you've not lived at home for 3 years moving back is really bloody difficult. I don't really have the same freedom and I miss living with Josh. 

I don't know what I'm trying to say in this post so I live it there, I guess I'm just a little fed up with everything at the moment. Moving away from my home town was one of the best things I did but now I'm stuck back here again and feeling rubbish about everything. Things can only get better right?


  1. I was in a similar position last year. After a month I joined an agency, they placed me in a job then moved me to another once I had some relevant experience and now I have a permanent job for a fantastic company. Have you considered joining a recruitment agency? I went with Brook Street and they really understood my needs as a graduate xx

    1. Thanks, this is definitely something I'll look into xx


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