A day in the life...

At the start of the year I did a photo an hour blog post (here) and I thought I might be quite good to do another one. So on Saturday I did just that, much like the other one I took (by this I mean Josh!) of something that happened within each hour, most of the day was quite relaxed but Josh and I went out at night to see a band with my dad and stepmum. Although nothing extraordinary happened I do like posts like this to look back on. They're all iphone photo's so they're not the best quality!
 So here's what Josh and I got up to...

 8-9 Coco Pops finished
 9-10 Peanut butter on toast for me and plain toast for Josh whilst watching Storage Wars Texas / 10-11 Complaining to Look Beauty as on the the items (not pictured) sent to me was the wrong thing
 11-12 Traveling back from Josh's to mine / 12-1 Josh watching Pawn Stars whilst I ironed my dress for the night
 1-2 A quick power nap to recharge for the night / 2-3 Josh cooked whilst I showered
 3-4 Looking at expensive houses we'll never afford and drinking tea / 4-5 Playing Words against each other
 5-6 Catching up with writing Happy Lists / 6-7 Getting ready and listening to records
 7-8 Ready to go out / 8-9 Waiting for the band to come on
 9-10 Watching the band / 10-11 Drinks and crisps
 11-12 Still watching the band / 12-1 Bed time!

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  1. It looks as if you both had a really good day! I love your little minion, so cute! :) xxx


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