Wales Photo Diary

On Friday I returned from a five day holiday in Wales with my Dad, stepmum and Josh. I've never been to Wales before but it was lovely, there's some seriously pretty places around there. We stayed in Porthmadog then went to a few different places on the three full days we had there. Now it really helped that the weather made it just like being abroad but it was a very good week and I even got a tan! It was such a relaxing time getting to visit lots of new places then spending the late afternoons, feeding the ducks in the holiday park or climbing over the dunes and down onto the beach to dip my toes in the sea. We even managed to win three Despicable Me Minions so I have one, Josh has one and we're giving the third one to our niece. We took that many photo's that I wasn't sure where to start so I've decided to post some odds and ends photo's today then photo diaries from the places we visited over the next few days.

Paddling in the sea with my Dad / Josh in a stream near Llangollen / Me in the stream / Porthmadog harbour / Blowing bubbles / The three Minions we won (one for me, one for Josh and one for our niece) / Eating candyfloss / Me and Josh in the paddling in the stream

Tomorrow I will be doing a photo diary of Llangollen.

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  1. It looks as if you had a lovely little holiday, Lauren! My grandparents have a caravan in Wales so we used to spend our Summers there every year when I was growing up, these photos make me want to go back :) Also, your Despicable Me Minions are so cute! I hope you're having a lovely weekend :) xxx


Thanks for your lovely comments!