Third Year in Coventry

For the past two years I've done a little look back at the previous year of living in Coventry for uni, well this is the third and final post as on Sunday I'll be heading back to Yorkshire for good. I'm definitely going to miss Coventry as I've had an amazing three years here and I think the worst thing will be the fact Josh and I will no longer be living together (although it could be much worse, at least we live in the same town!) but I'm sure everything will work out eventually. 

Out of the three years we've been here I think this third and final year has been the best one despite the ever lingering thought of having to move back home at the end of it. Each year has had amazing parts but this year has definitely been the best. We've had lots of days out, squeezed in a little break in Portsmouth, celebrated the end of uni in Liverpool and found out that we'll both be graduating in November with 2:1's as well as lots of other little bits that have made us happy.

 Made a new friend in Portsmouth / Relaxing in the sun in Portsmouth / Liverpool / Baileys hot chocolate and Birmingham Christmas market / The Black Country Living Museum / Dudley zoo and castle / Stratford upon Avon / Feeding the ducks

This is obviously just a very small look back at the year because we always take sooo many photo's! Later in the week I'll be doing a post on the whole three years living in Coventry.

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