I have another Wales photo diary for you today, you can catch up on the first two here and here. On the Wednesday of our holiday we went up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and the third highest in Britain! We went up on the train that takes you almost to the top, you have to climb a couple of steps to reach the summit. The views on the way up were amazing as were the one's from the very top. Despite not having a signal for most of the holiday I even managed to tweet from the top of Snowdon. You don't get long at the top but then I suppose how much time do you need at the top of a mountain but it was certainly enough time to get lots of lovely photo's. On the train ride down we even caught a glimpse of a waterfall as the train stopped for a little while so people could see it. 

 Me, Josh, my Dad and stepmum at the summit of Snowdon / An old chapel half way up / Views on the way up and from the top / Me and Josh at the top / Waterfall / At the station / Me at the summit

Tomorrow I will be doing a photo diary of Portmeirion.

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  1. Lovely photos Lauren, I've climbed Snowdon before but we go the train down, the view from the top is great and it sounds like you had a great day! xxx


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