This is my final photo diary from Wales, you can catch up on the previous three here.
Thursday was our last full day in Wales so Josh and I decided to tag along to Portmeirion with my Dad and stepmum. We'd seen a leaflet for it but we didn't really know what to expect. Portmeirion is a village which took 50 years to built and was the vision of one man who wanted to create a village without spoiling the surrounding area. I'm so glad we decided to go as the leaflet didn't do the place any justice, it's just beautiful. It's designed in the style of an Italian village but takes influence from many different architectural aspects including Wales itself, given that we visited on a scorching day it really did have a Mediterranean feel to it. It's also nestled between a beach and a forest which just adds to its charm.

This one turned out to be quite photo heavy but we took sooo many photo's of Portmeirion it was hard to narrow it down!

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