Stratford upon Avon

On Monday Josh and I packed up a little picnic and headed off to Stratford upon Avon. Ever since we moved here I've said I wanted to visit Stratford but other days out or crappy weather always got in the way so given that next weekend we're moving back home for good I had to ignore the fact it wasn't the sunniest or the warmest day and go and explore the place anyway.

It was absolutely packed out with tourists but aside from that I'm really glad I finally got to go, there wasn't a massive amount of stuff to do (unless you wanted to pay to go in Shakespeare's house) but it was a very pretty place to look around and my day was made the moment we got into the centre of Stratford and I spotted a Christmas shop that's open all year round, yep that's right I got excited over Christmas in July! It was full of sparkles, glitter and fairy lights, it had Christmas music playing and Christmas smells filled the shop - basically I was in heaven! We took that many photo's in the shop I could just do a post on that! 

After Josh had finally managed to drag me out of the Christmas shop we headed down to the river where there were lots of ducks and swans, although we actually only saw one set of ducklings and they moved too fast to get a decent photo. We decided to have our lunch by the river and were joined by two ducks who we ended up sharing half of our lunch with! After that we went for a nice walk down the river and came across the church where Shakespeare is buried so we decided to have a look in there.

After all that we headed back to the centre where I was drawn in by the Christmas shop again so went in for a Christmas cheer top up! We then found the strangest shop/cafe/museum place ever. It's a magic shop with a museum upstairs...then wait for it...a Butterbeer bar! Well as if I wasn't excited enough after two trips to the Christmas shop, this just rounded the day off nicely so I promptly ordered a big tankard of the stuff and sat there drinking it telling Josh it was like I was in Harry Potter!

Outside the Christmas shop / Inside the Christmas shop / One of the ducks that joined us for lunch / The church where Shakespeare is buried / The Jester / Drinking Butterbeer

It was a lovely few hours out and if your ever near or live close to Stratford I'd definitely recommend visiting it.

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