Cathedral Walks

Yesterday Josh and I decided to go for a little walk before our tea, it was still quite warm but had cooled down enough to enjoy a walk. We only headed to the Cathedral ruins but that was fine with me because ever since we moved here it's been one of my favourite places, I'm kind of sad to be leaving it behind. You see Coventry isn't a large city and it's not the prettiest place ever but the Cathedral is neatly sandwiched between the shops and the university square. It has cobbled paths, old buildings, Cathedral ruins from WW2, a modern Cathedral which in November is where my graduation will be and it's just a lovely place to be. It's not much but it's certainly got a charm about it.

It was a very nostalgic walk for me with leaving Coventry for good on Sunday, I remember first moving here and walking around the Cathedral for the first time, it was sunny morning and the bells were ringing. I remember looking out into the university square and wondering what been a student would be like. Everything was new and exciting and I loved that we'd found such a beautiful part of the city on our first morning here. The beauty of the place has never really wore off in three years.

I'd be lying if I said the squirrels weren't part of the reason I liked that area so much! You can always spot a few of them running around and occasionally one of them comes up to you just to check if you have any food. 

It was a short walk full of memories, reflections and most of all it meant I got to spend just a little more time in my favourite place.

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