A coversation about Llama's...

So here's a little conversation I had with Josh over the phone the other day. He'd gone to Tesco's for something although I can't remember what now and he phoned me up, it went a little something like this...

Josh: I've found something I think you'd really like
Me: Oooo what is it?
Josh: Llama's...
Me: What?!
Josh: Llama's
Me: Right then... and what are Llama's?
Josh: I don't know but they come in sweet chilli and BBQ flavours. So which do you want?

Just how do you respond when your boyfriend phones you up and tells you he's found some Llama's in Tesco that you'll like? After the initial confusion I kind of managed to establish what Llama's actually were and went for the sweet chilli flavour. I have to say as stupid as the conversation was, Josh was right I love the Llama's (now there's a phrase I never thought I'd use), they're actually baked wheat bites in the shape of Llama's and they're sooo good (and not that bad for you either). 

These are the kind of silly, yet thoughtful things I'm going to miss when we have to move back home!

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