22nd Birthday Photo Diary

Yesterday I turned 22 (eekk!) I didn't have anything special planned as it's not exactly a big birthday and my niece was staying all weekend so most of my time was spent playing with her, I also have a cough and cold too. We risked getting rained on though and my Dad packed up a big picnic and we headed off to a tram museum (I'm aware of how geeky that sounds but it's actually really good) and had a good laugh at my niece riding up and down on the trams and clapping at the Mini rally that was taking place. I thought I'd share a few photo's of my birthday including some photo's of my presents. There aren't too many as we took loads of my niece and I don't put photo's of her on here.

 The tram museum and some of the Mini's gathering for the rally
 My birthday cake

Presents - Samsung wifi camera from my Dad and step mum (mines white though not black like on the box) / bag, blu-rays, books, Hogwarts letter (yes really!) and cat clock from Josh / Nomination charm from Josh's mum and dad / scarf and bracelet from my best friend / grey Beatles top from my uncle / black Beatles top and box of chocolate from my mum 

 Close up of my new Nomination charm (the flower one)

Close up of my new bag


  1. Lovely photos, the place where the trams is looks very picturesque xx

    Tia for Bellezza Babe xx


  2. Happy belated Birthday, Lauren! It looks like you had a really lovely day, and received some lovely gifts, too. I hope that you're feeling better now! :) xxx


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