Happy List #90

Since the last Happy List quite a lot has happened although I've had to wait quite a long time to do a new Happy List as I had two weeks of being in uni everyday for my final module so nothing exciting  was happening then. Since the last list I've finished uni, found out I got a first my final project (sooo happy about that!), baked the most yummiest cookies ever (recipe here) and been to the zoo. It's fair to say I'm enjoying this free time I have before I have to be a proper grown up, although the less said about job hunting the better because it's so depressing! And how could I not mention the weather?! I'm loving this sunshine, it's nice to finally be able to dress in summer clothes and get a little bit of a tan. With the nice weather we've been spending a lot of time at a park near us watching all the baby ducks, geese and swans and occasionally feeding them! I love it around there at this time of year.

So on with the photo's...

 I bought Josh The Beatles Abbey Road Lego (yep we're just that geeky) / Fluffy little swans / Free ice lolly which was really nice / This stuff is so nice
 Pretty bright orange lilies / I finally found a bottle with my name on it / At the zoo (you can look at my zoo post here)

 I started off just feeding two ducks then a whole load of geese came over!

I'm hoping we'll be getting a lot more sunshine so I can include more sunny photo's on future Happy Lists.


  1. I really want my name on a coke bottle! I know they have them but I can't find one! x

    1. It took me forever to find one with my name on it! xx

  2. Pretty dresses - love the orange/red one :)


  3. Aww nothing better than feeding the birds! Lovely list :)
    I also spy a zoo post below so I'm off to oggle the photos now as I've just discovered your lovely blog!

    Best wishes, Danielle.

    1. Aww thankyou, yep the zoo was amazing! xx


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