A new venture...

Just a little post today to introduce you to something I've been working on recently. You may notice that there is now an extra tab across the top of this blog that says Twist and Shout blog. Now to state the obvious, clicking this takes you to a new blog called - you guessed it - Twist and Shout!
Twist and Shout is a new blog I've set up and I've put a lot of hard work into it recently, but Bits and Bobs isn't going anywhere either. 

You regular readers probably know by now how much I love The Beatles and trips to Liverpool but it's also fair to say I'm a little bit in love with the Sixties in general. Recently I've been thinking about ways to fill my days as this whole been a graduate lark isn't easy. Now I love blogging and I love Bits and Bobs but I'm very happy with the direction this blog has taken and for the past few months I've been the happiest I've ever been with it. I love that it's quite a personal lifestyle blog and I don't want that to change. Which is why I've taken my new idea onto a separate blog. 

It's hard to explain what Twist and Shout is going to be when I don't fully know myself yet, lets just stick with the fact it is and is going to continue to be a Sixties inspired blog. A place to share my love of everything Sixties and the occasional delve into other vintage areas! It's very strange starting another blog, when I started Bits and Bobs I had no clue about blogging and that naivety allowed me to just jump in and do what I wanted and I'm very glad about that because it's meant I've never really been nervous about blogging or anything, it gave me a sort of bravery I probably wouldn't have had if I was to start blogging now knowing what I do. 

I'm not nervous to be launching Twist and Shout today, in fact it's very exciting and I can't wait to see where it goes but I am feeling very precious over, it's my new baby! I'm not going to be mentioning Twist and Shout constantly on this blog, in fact this is about as much detail as I'm going to go into about it. Of course there will be times it gets a little mention but I'm not going to be plugging it every two seconds. It has it's own separate Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin' and Facebook page so it is in a sense a brand new blog, the only difference is if you decide to pop over to Twist and Shout from here, you'll already know the writer!

I'd really appreciate it if you could take a little time to pop over to Twist and Shout and have a little look around, there's a welcome post already up, pages to read and social media area's to explore. You don't have to be a Sixties expert to enjoy the blog, I'm no expert, it's just a hobby! So it'd be great if you decided to join me and see where Twist and Shout goes.

I hope to see you over there!

P.S I'm going away for a few days tomorrow to my favourite city, Liverpool so there won't be anything new on here until the end of the week, however there will be a post going up on Twist and Shout on Wednesday.

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