A day at the zoo

Yesterday Josh and I went to Dudley zoo and castle and it was a pretty amazing day out. Aside from the really warm weather meaning I could finally dress in summer clothes, there were lots of really cute animals to look at. I was really impressed with how close up you could get to some of the animals which was something I've not really experienced before. There were lemur and monkey walk through's where the animals were just running about free and you could walk right next to them, I nearly ended up bringing one of the little monkeys home with me as he climbed up my bag with picnic stuff in (luckily we'd already eaten so he couldn't steal any food) and started looking through my stuff! Again this was something I haven't experienced before so I really enjoyed that. We watched the sealions and penguins being fed and we climbed up the castle. Before leaving we headed to the little farm where you could pet all the animals so we found some goats and big cute and fluffy rabbits to stroke. 

I'd really recommend a day out at Dudley zoo, as you can easily spend the full day there and there's loads to do and look at. We took loads of photo's (150 to be precise!) so it was very hard to narrow them down for this post so there's still quite a few to look at.


I love the photo of the meerkat watching over the castle and the one of the lemur sunbathing! It was so funny watching them do that as after one had done it they all started lining up and sunbathing! After seeing the big rabbit I'd really like one now too, but maybe a little one.

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