Summer Breeze

Tomorrow marks my final few months living with Josh as we are moving back to our own homes in July. I'm trying not to dwell on it too much at the moment and instead I'm focusing on all the fun things I want to do over the next few months. There's a few places a want to visit that we've never got round to visiting so they're definitely at the top of the list. I've been pinning pictures of places I want to visit to get me in the mood too. I'm hoping for some nice days so we can do all the stuff I have in mind. So please summer weather if you are listening be good this year!
To keep me focused on all the good things I've decided to share with you all the things I hope to do over the next few months or things that have already been planned, some of it is just little stuff but this way I can look back and cheer myself up and hopefully have a pretty good summer!

  1. Go on picnics in the park and by the river in Leamington Spa
  2. Visit Warwick
  3. Visit Worcester
  4. Visit Stratford-upon-Avon
  5. Take lots and lots of photo's of all the new places we visit
  6. Discover new places when we go to Liverpool in June
  7. Go for a nice walk in the sunshine around Coombe Country Park
  8. Go for a meal out and see Paul McCartney's Rockshow
  9. See Chris Ramsey at Warwick Arts Centre
  10. Bake a big batch of cookies
  11. Brighten up the room with a big bunch of Daffodils 
  12. Go on more dates 
  13. Make skittles vodka
  14. Dip dye my hair (I've been wanting to do it for months!)
  15. Spend more time having fun, laughing and enjoying things
So that's everything! The last one is the most important one to me as if I stick to it then it'll make everything above it even better. I'm a natural worrier and I stress out a lot and neither of those will change anything so there's not point in doing them. I'll leave you with some of the pretty pictures I found on Pinterest of the places I want to visit. 

All images courtesy of Pinterest


  1. Hope you get everything on your list done :) x

  2. This list sounds perfect, let us know how the hair dying goes! I hope the skittles vodka turns out nice, I've heard so many things about it! xxx

    1. I will do when I finally do it. Me too, it best be good! xxx


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