Pink Hair

So the news is I've dip dyed my hair pink! After wanting to do it for a quite a while I finally took the plunge on Saturday. Pretty much since I got Pinterest I've pinned pictures of hair in a variety of colours and I decided I wanted to dip dye it pink in around November last year. However I didn't want to lighten the ends of my hair especially for a semi-permanent dye but I wasn't sure how well pink would show up without bleaching the ends.

As a side note I have light brown high with natural highlights of blonde in it giving a golden look (or so my hairdresser says!) I don't dye it or highlight it, it's all natural. I knew with having blonde there was a chance the pink would show up quite well but I just wasn't expecting it to look very bright. I dyed my hair a lot throughout my teens but never anything bright like the pink.

I bought Crazy Color's dye in Pinkissmo which is a really bright pink from Ebay (this seller) and it was super cheap plus with a ready mixed bottle I'll get around 3 maybe 4 uses out of it which is really good as I intended on keeping the pink for a little while but it says it fades in 4 to 8 washes. It's a thick cream formula which is super easy to apply.

To dip dye it I parted my hair so it was in two sections and lightly backcombed it then applied the cream using my hands (in gloves) the bottle says to use on wet hair but ignore this if you're dip dying and just use it on dry hair. It recommends leaving it on for half an hour but to be honest mine was on close to an hour. Now obviously I wouldn't do this with a normal permanent hair dye but to be honest I can't really see as this dye would do any damage so I think it's up to you whether you stick to the rules or leave it a little longer. When I rinsed it and dried it you could definitely tell my hair was pink but it could have done with been a touch brighter.

 So Josh volunteered to redo it for my last night and used his hands without gloves so he could work it in better (again not advisable with permanent but this stuff is fine, it does stain but it rinses off skin really really easy). This time I split my hair into six little section as opposed to two big ones and didn't backcomb, as I have quite thick hair this made it a lot easier. This time when I rinsed and dried it, it looked exactly how I wanted it to. No it isn't as bright as it would have been if I'd have bleached the ends of my hair but it's still quite a bright pink and I'm really pleased with it. I'm glad I plucked up the courage to do it. Oh and thanks Josh for dying it!

pink dip dye on brown hair


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