I'm Back!

For those of you interested I'm now back. After a two week break I've decided to return to blogging. I still stand by what I said in the post before I left but my time away has done me good and I feel ready to blog again. 

So what's different around here? Well quite a lot actually! Firstly I've completely redesigned Bits and Bobs. I'd wanted to change quite a lot of things for some time and it was getting to the point where I was really unhappy with how messy some parts looked. It took a long time, a lot of tutorials, a fair few mistakes and a good deal of profanities but I did it. I couldn't be happier with how it looks now and I'm pretty proud that I did it all myself. So just to quickly run over what you'll find here now...I've got brand new social media links to the right which now include Bloglovin' and Hellocotton (I'm sure your all aware of the GFC rumours at the moment so if you enjoy reading my little blog you should probably switch to following on one of these) and a reading list also to the right which includes the most popular things I blog about so you'll find links to all my beauty posts, book review, recipes etc. Aside from that I completely changed my background, colour scheme etc. Overall I think it looks much better than it ever has.

Also whilst I was away my blog turned two (yesterday actually) so the redesign and my return seem very fitting for that moment. I can't quite believe I've been writing on here for that long! Which nicely links me to writing on here in the future. For a long time I've forced myself to blog three times a week, whether I had anything interesting to say or not. It was at the point where I was waking up thinking 'oh I have to blog today, but I have nothing to write.' I'm not going to let it get to that point again, it wasn't interesting me so I'm pretty sure it wasn't interesting other people. I don't have a big blog, I don't have an overly popular blog, to me it's nothing but a hobby I shouldn't have to feel obliged to write on it a set number of times each week. So I won't be. I'll be blogging as and when I want to, that way the posts are going to be way more exciting for me to write and hopefully interesting for you to read. I've got quite a few ideas planned out for some posts but I'm not in a rush to get them all on here asap because then I'll be in a rut again!

In terms of what you can expect on here there isn't going to be anything wildly different, I'm still going to continue with my Happy Lists, Tuesday Treats and Reading, Wanting, Pinning posts it just won't be every week. They'll be mixed in with occasional photo diaries and life posts, recipes and book reviews as these are the elements I enjoy the most. After all this is a lifestyle blog. That's not to say I don't enjoy dipping my toes into the beauty world now and then, I never have and never will be a beauty blogger but I still want to continue providing reviews of purse friendly beauty items and honest reviews at that. I know people feel a bit funny about negative reviews but hey I pay for all my stuff myself if something was sh*t I'm going to say it was. With that in mind I have a few negative reviews in the pipeline as I think it's good to get a variety of views on something rather than just been faced with positive reviews all the time. It can be a little misleading when your considering buying something. 

So I think I've covered everything now! It turned into quite a long post didn't it? Anyway let me know what you think of the new Bits and Bobs and take a look around at all the new stuff on here. Hope you enjoy it!

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