A Very Honest Blog Post

As of today I'm going to be taking a break from the whole blogging thing, reading and writing that is. This is going to be a pretty honest and blunt post so if that's not your thing it's probably best to click off here now.
Since the new year started I've found myself with no inspiration for my blog and writing it is no longer enjoyable. I've become disillusioned with everything to do with blogging. When I first started Bits and Bobs almost two years ago I didn't have a clue about how big blogging was, I'd seen a couple of blogs and thought that looks good and that was that, Bits and Bobs was born. I was content blabbering away to myself when I had no followers and I never got nervous publishing a post. I talked about my life, what I'd been up to, wishlists etc and then the Happy List feature was born and I was pretty pleased with that. I had no idea about all these beauty blogs and fashion blogs and when I started discovering them I enjoyed them although I knew my blog would never head in that direction because it's just not me.
Now before I say this next bit this isn't aimed at anyone in specific and I'm a firm believer in blogging about what you like but I'm fed up of reading reviews of the same product 10 times, I'm bored of seeing yet another pair of Topshop Joni jeans or JC Lita's (and their copies). 'Well don't read about them then' I can hear some of you shouting and my answer to that is I don't anymore. We're not supposed to talk about this though in the blogging world are we? About what pisses you off. Instead we dress in up in the form of #bbloggers chats or what ever the latest chat is and tell people what we like to see on blogs and what we'd want to see more of on someone's blog. Then turn round and say but it's your blog so you should do what you want. Now is it just me or is that not hypocritical? Why sit there and tell someone what you'd like to see on their blog or that you prefer simple backgrounds as opposed to patterned one's. If someone wants a bright pink background and green writing let them get on with it. 
And that is exactly why I've stopped reading a lot of blogs, you know I'm practising what I preach. If someone wants to blog about the latest £40 candle that they're burning or the new £50 face serum, let them, they enjoy and there's always going to be someone out there that enjoys reading it. I'm just not one of them. Why read about something that one I would never spend that amount of money on and two that just annoys me. FYI my candles cost £2 from Primark and my face serum is from Aldi and I'm more than happy with both of those facts. 
Now I'm fully aware that the response to that is going to be that I'm jealous or been bitchy but I'm not I'm just being honest, I hold no feeling of jealousy towards anyone who blogs about that stuff I'm just choosing not to read it because it's just not 'me'. But again we can't talk about unfollowing blogs or why £40 candles piss you off (yes I do have a slight issue with that!) because it's just not the done thing is it? Maybe if I put this on Twitter and hashtagged it #bbloggers it'd be acceptable.
So that's why I'm going for a while I need a break from all this, I need to reassess where I want my blog to go and be comfortable with blogging about £1 lipsticks from MUA not £14 ones from MAC and accept that the outfit pictures I have now are as good as it's going to get, you know the one's that aren't against a perfect white wall, that don't have my feet in them and may have a pack of toilet roll in the background. I want to feel happy with my blog and not try and mould it into something it's not.
I don't know when I'm going to return to blogging properly, I will be posting a photo diary of Josh's birthday in a few weeks as I don't want to miss documenting that because I'm having a strop with blogging. But I can't say when I'll return fully.
Bye for now. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Lauren! I feel like you're my blog friend and I don't want you to be disenchanted. I totally agree with all your points, and I have just come back from a break and unfollowed a shit load of people. Same as you I was sick of being told how to contour my face EXCUSE ME, WHAT IS THAT. And how to "dry my hair" WHAT. I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS. In other news, I'm stay well clear of #lbloggers and #bloggers now, it is all driven by the same people debating PR and pretending they're morally right/right in general. (I also hate the "perfect life" thing a lot of people have going on - another rant for a different day)

    Please come back, don't leave me. I want to hear about your noisy neighbours, you and Josh going to Liverpool and your Primark bargains. You're one of the good ones.


    1. Thanks for this! I'm just about to publish a post as I feel like I want to slowly return now so your comment just made it even better! I'm glad to see you're back too. I missed you! Don't worry I'm not leaving you :) xxx


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