Valentine's Day 2013

I decided to do a little photo diary of my Valentine's Day as I love looking back on stuff like this and after all that's the main reason I blog, to document stuff that I can look back on.
I won't bother explaining myself too much as this is my blog but I know some people don't bother with Valentine's Day and I did see a fair share of miserable and moany tweets yesterday but Josh and I do bother, we just take it for what it is, a bit of fun and an extra chance to spend some time together which is why I'm doing this post :) 

We didn't do anything over the top, it was just a really nice day and I got some lovley little presents, including the clothbound copy of Alice in Wonderland which I've wanted for a while, it's just lovely. So thanks Josh! At night we had a little indoor picnic with some sparkling wine in heart shaped glasses and finished watching the second series of Game of Thrones. I also did some Valentine's baking in the form of rice krispie marshmellow hearts and a lovely chocolatey dessert for at night. 

Single red rose
 Cute gift bags
 Presents (not all mine, Josh's are in here too hence the Lego!)
 Baking and a very cheesy note to Josh!
 Big balloon
 Wine and cute glasses

 Little indoor picnic

So that was how I spent Valentine's Day, I had a really lovely day and I'd just like to say a big thankyou to Josh for making it so nice :)

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