Happy List #86

So the Happy List is happening a few days early this week but there's a reason for that, that I will be explaining in a short post tomorrow. I thought I'd do the Happy List today though as I have a few photo's to share and it seemed a waste not use them. As seems to be the theme with most of my Happy Lists there's a lot of food involved!

 Peanut butter Kit Kat's are the best / Happy Meal for lunch! / Lovely strawberries / Looking at cute clothes for my niece (I didn't buy anything though!)

Wetherspoons Sunday lunch / Dessert / Outfit for Sunday lunch

Nothing majorly exciting here as I've had a lot of work to do. The big 3000 word essay is pretty much done though now so I lifted my spending ban and went a little crazy on new stuff. I haven't included any photo's as I'm waiting for my Asos order to arrive but I'm sure I'll do a recent buys video at some point.


  1. Peanut Butter Kit Kats really are the absolute best! Just followed on GTC :)

    Lovely blog xx



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