Happy List #84

I said in the last Happy List that these post probably wouldn't be weekly now I have more uni work to do which is why there wasn't a Happy List last week, also for that reason the photo's on these one are a collection from the past two weeks. Also I should point out that the majority of these photo's are food based, what can I say I love food! I'm not doing anything exciting at the moment my blog is suffering a little for that as I just can't seem to think of anything good to blog about. I have quite a few video ideas but I hat filming on my webcam as the quality is pretty terrible and I don't know how much people enjoy my videos. I guess since the new year I've been having an off moment with my blog but I'm sure I'll be back into it soon. I'm also trying to put more work into my professional site too which means I'm trying to think of new and interesting stuff to put on there too. Anyway I'll shut up rambling and get on with the photo's from the past two weeks!

 Moving rooms (I did a whole photo diary for this day here) / Yummy BBQ chicken / Chocolate fudge cake / New face mask
 Strawberry cream cooler / Django Uncahined (the best film ever!) / Fish and chips with curry sauce / Mini eggs
 New book / Beautiful flowers that Josh bought me

P.S I have some things for sale on Ebay at the moment, Zara, Asos, H&M etc. If anyone is interested you can take a look here.

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