Goodbye Ozzycat

Yesterday Josh and I got some sad news, one of his cats back at home, Ozzy, had died. We don't really know what happened as she wasn't really old and there were no marks on her. Although she wasn't my cat it was still very upsetting. I've been with Josh for over 5 years and having no pets of my own I felt like she was sort of my pet too. From the moment I started going to Josh's house I've looked after her, cuddling her, stroking her, feeding her, giving her fur a brush and even buying her fancy, pretty collars so it became like she was my pet too. It'll be sad going to Josh's now and not seeing her little face. She was always so quiet and timid yet she always seemed to enjoy me lavishing attention on her when she'd hide from even Josh. Going back at Easter and not seeing her looking up at me from her little basket or sharing my toast with her is going to be pretty weird. Whatever happened to her I just hope she was OK in the end as I've said she was a very nervous and timid cat and I'd hate to think she'd been scared at the end. At least she's OK now I suppose.

Goodbye Ozzy xxx


  1. Aw she looked adorable,hope you're both ok losing a pet is like losing part of your family


    1. Thanks, I'm fine now. Had a little cry over it though! xx

  2. So so sorry to hear about your cat :(
    Such sad news. She looked like a beautiful cat.

    New follower here.


  3. Oh no I'm so sorry!! What a beautiful kitty. It's horrible to lose a pet.

  4. RIP :( I'm sorry to hear of your loss.x


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